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Bug # 10
Component configuration
Summary Auto recreate XML Configuration in case of an Error
Status Open
Bug Type Suggestion
Priority 2 - Normal
Severity 3 - Normal
Found in Version 0.1d
Submitter Bjoern Kiesbye (info@cl...)
Resolver Bjoern Kiesbye (info@cl...)
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Fix for Version 0.1d

2014-06-06 03:52:09 Opened by Bjoern Kiesbye

Many server side errors occur because the XML Configuration has unexpected or missing values. A check of a caught error msg for :

"procedure "slony::config::"

Taken from:

invalid command name ""
while executing
"[[$cur_table_node getElementsByTagName "Key"] childNodes] nodeValue"
(procedure "slony::config::get::all_tables" line 14)
invoked from within
"slony::config::get::all_tables -slony_config_id $slony_config_id"

can trigger a automatic recreation of the XML configuration with values from the DB Configuration. After the recreation the code is likely to execute error less. For that to make sense all slony::config commands must be wrapped in a function which implements the catch block, checking of the error stack trace, and conditional re issuing of the command.


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