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Bug # 2
Component User Interface (Jquery/js/html)
Summary Dialog for Sets with Tables
Status Open
Bug Type Suggestion
Priority 2 - Normal
Severity 3 - Normal
Found in Version 0.1d
Submitter Bjoern Kiesbye (info@cl...)
Resolver Bjoern Kiesbye (info@cl...)
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Fix for Version 0.1d

2014-05-07 16:35:09 Opened by Bjoern Kiesbye

Add a Dialog (content loaded through ajax) to display all slony sets paired with all tables (all tables part of the slony configuration).

2014-05-07 16:38:48 Commented by Bjoern Kiesbye

The Dialog is implemented using jQuery, teh sets/tables are displayed using the accordion widget, with Set details as panel header, and a group of table (incl. details) as panel content.

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