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Bug # 8
Component User Interface (Jquery/js/html)
Summary extend jqueryvalidation lib with slony rules
Status Open
Bug Type Suggestion
Priority 2 - Normal
Severity 3 - Normal
Found in Version 0.1d
Submitter Bjoern Kiesbye (info@cl...)
Resolver Bjoern Kiesbye (info@cl...)
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Fix for Version 0.1d

2014-05-20 15:01:07 Opened by Bjoern Kiesbye

extend jqueryvalidation lib with slony rules, add new validation methods possibly with subsequent jquery calls if control can be lost within validation. Slony rules for

setID Check available
tableID Check available
table keys / primary key, exists already creation is required.

2014-06-10 23:46:52 Commented by Bjoern Kiesbye

There is a Problem with the validation lib, it curently returns always true (valid), even if some rules are definitely false. Even after extensive testing and code analyzing the error or misconfiguration can't be found.
For now validation is post boned until the validation lib (it' integration) works as expected.

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