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Bug # 9
Component slony goes xotcl
Summary slonik command to string
Status Open
Bug Type Suggestion
Priority 2 - Normal
Severity 3 - Normal
Found in Version Unknown
Submitter Bjoern Kiesbye (info@cl...)
Resolver Bjoern Kiesbye (info@cl...)
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Fix for Version Undecided

2014-05-20 17:49:35 Opened by Bjoern Kiesbye

All slonik cmd object should have a toString() alike methods which returns the slonik commands script or script snippet as string, instead actually executing the command.

The script as string can be shown to the user, for editing.

The script string (after editing) should be send to a object which just executes the script string.

Possibly the commands can be put on a que and mixed with none slonik commands (configuration editing), to put all xml configuration editing commands on the same que.

2014-06-06 03:34:29 Commented by Bjoern Kiesbye

The shell commands are now executed from a wrapping bash script, which allows setting a timeout for the script, the timeout for each script can be requested as well when the script or script sniped is displayed.

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