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error: 'Tcl_Interp' has no member named 'result' in /usr/local/src/aolserver/nsopenssl/tclcmds.c

when trying to compile nsopenssl for tcl8.6 the Error

tclcmds.c:338:31: error: 'Tcl_Interp' has no member named 'result'

In tcl8.6 the interp objects fields cant be accessed directly anymore, instead tcl8.6 offers a API to manipulate the fields of the interp object ( Below is a patch which fixes the Error, including a brif description on how to apply the patch.

root#> cd /tmp
root#> wget
root#> cd /usr/local/src/aolserver-src-dir/nsopenssl/
root#> patch -p0 < /tmp/nsopenssl-interp-0.1.1.patch